Carrapateira, Portugal

A peaceful, charming village situated atop characteristic broad sand dunes and mountainous limestone cliffs between two beaches, Praia da Bordeira to the north and Praia do Amado to the south. Because of the village’s barren, steep location, Carrapateira doesn’t support a particularly large amount of inhabitants. On that account there aren’t very many visitors, though the more popular of the two beaches is Praia do Amado, where there are bodyboarding and surfing schools. Excellent left-hand, beach-break type waves that can reach a height of up to three meters during high water providing a pleasant cover from the rocks offers a choice experience for adept surfers. Despite that, it should be noted that rips and undertows can be hazardous.
While Carrapateira doesn’t boast much late night entertainment, for fresh fish grills and clifftop oceanic views, don’t forget to visit O Sítio do Forno on the bluff overlooking Praia do Amado. 

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