Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

A spectacular spot favoured by experienced surfers, Honolua Bay on the northwest shore of Maui lives up to it’s popularity by delivering world-renowned surf breaks above coral reefs and strong, hollow waves consistently, reaching a seasonal peak during the winter high surf period. By car, the beach can comfortably be accessed by driving towards Kapalua and taking the North Shore highway. Keep in mind that when visiting this beach you most definitely won’t be alone as thousands of pros flock to the bay every day for a chance to surf it’s swells.

But the world-class ride and possibility of spotting a whale from your board are often convincing enough to make the trip a must-do. Plus, the biggest crowds can generally be avoided to a certain extent by visiting during a weekday. After a day of surf and sand, visit The Sly Mongoose, a dive bar off the beaten path of overpriced tourist traps only populated by a few Maui-savvy tourists and locals for the perfect break.

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