Nazaré, Portugal

The heavy, dizzying beachbreak currents that rhythmically beat down on the shores of Nazaré’s sandy beaches are a big-wave Mecca, recently put under the spotlight thanks to the American surfer Garrett McNamara. Currently holding the world record for the largest wave ever surfed in recent history, Nazaré is terrestrially blessed by virtue of a deep undersea canyon that creates the showstopping upsurges like the 78-foot tall record-breaker.

During the summer, the quiet picturesque town is flush with tourists after foreign eyes were opened to its surfing promise. Choice beaches, authentic city center, and aura that makes you feel as though time itself has come to a halt, paired with the resident pride that induces the traditions of yore to live on makes Nazaré one of Portugal’s best kept secrets.

Nazaré is a small community that pensively sways with the tides. To fully experience it, stopover at Cervejaria Berlim for a cold beer, a simple bar on the seafront frequented by locals.


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