Peniche, Portugal

Inarguably one of the best locations for surfing in Europe, this seaside city rests upon a peak surrounded by sea in all different directions. Peniche’s unique setting with distinctly differing breaks and beaches are the birthplace of the supertubos, radically fast barrels of breaking waves referred to by some as the European Pipeline. At this location, there’s a wave for every surfer on every skill level. Peniche has since ancient times been an important working port, providing a somewhat more rugged character than its neighboring resort municipalities. Historical landmarks such as the seaside fort where political prisoners were jailed during the rule of Salazar’s regime may also pique your interest.

In the way of nightlife, Peniche doesn’t have much to offer. Though via plenty of atmosphere and a genuine Portuguese feel, the little bar Taberna Remedio Santo supplies a fun, nocturnal haven from the surfer’s paradise.


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