Tigres wanakkii surf watch
Tigres wanakkii surf watch
Tigres wanakkii surf watch
Wanakkii - Tigres 44mm - wanakkii

Wanakkii - Peniche 44mm


All black – everything black. The only thing breaking out of the deep abyss that is this watch is the scarlet red second pointer.

It lights up the black watch face like a laser cutting through midnight darkness. This piece has both the subtle elegance and edgy attitude that embodies Wanakkii – so wear it with pride.


This one is truly a tiger in disguise. The beautifully designed watch face together with the subtle red second pointer makes for a combination of total harmony.

The level of passion in the details are uncanny. The engraved leather and the artistically designed back. It may not be visible, but we know it's there. More importantly, YOU know it's there! 

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